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Dr Jonathan Spages | Specializes in Functional Medicine | Health care for Diabetics
Dr Jonathan Spages | Specializes in Functional Medicine | Health care for Diabetics

Dr Jonathan Spages, DC specializes in Functional Medicine and is uniquely skilled at working with the root physiological, bio-chemical, and hormonal imbalances associated with type II diabetes and hypothyroidism, as well as many other chronic illnesses. 

He has broken free from the limiting approach of a standard of care that provides drugs and hormones as a first defense for these diseases. By using breakthrough diagnostic testing and analysis rarely done in the conventional setting.

Dr. Spages is able to uncover the hidden causes of why a person could be experiencing the diseases of type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism. 

Dr. Spages also takes great pride in delivering personalized health care for diabetics and women suffering from hypothyroidism, in addition to providing an environment that supports and inspires patients. 

When I started my journey in health

I wasn't afraid of a "dead" shark!

Growing was sometimes filled with adventure as you can see here. My dad, being a “hero”, captured a “dead” shark. I wasn’t too scared since I was goofing off. Health wasn’t a big concern in the early years.

Times change for the worst. When I was about 11 years old my uncle was brought to the hospital suffering from heart attack. Thank God he survived but I was confused when the nurse, a “healthcare professional”,  gave him meat with gravy, smashed potatoes with butter, bread with butter, soda and non sugar free jello. I thought, isn’t this the diet that gave him the heart attack in the first place?

Dr Spages Lifelong Obsession with Performance and health

Since my brother Jason was 7 years older than me I mostly played with kids older. It wasn’t easy since they had such an age advantage. 

I had to be faster, stronger and a bit tough to get through any physical activity. I picked up a book once at a grocery store about “herbs that help athletes”. 

I fell in love!!! 

I miss them so much

After gaining my first obession, “health”, I starting using vitamins and herbs to help my recovery time while I played basketball and eventually went on to become a track star, team captain and breaking records, at DePaul high school.  

It was an exciting day when I broke the course record. I was so nervous
Nice margin of victory. We had a running shirt "Pain is temporary, Pride is Forever."...so true.
Even though I did this multiple times its a real honor to be All County for Cross Country running.

After Depaul high school and wearing my knees down from running for 4 years hundreds of miles on hard ground I was sick of being only 133 lbs. 

I was reading magazines such as Muscle and Fitness and other fitness based journal where I fell in love with fitness and body building to eventually get my personal training certificate.

That was my on the left at 19 years old. Not bad for a runner turned body builder! All Natural too!! 

I can't believe I was that strong at 19 years old!

The next part of my life was the game changer and why I am likely a doctor today. Once in highschool I was doing an intership at a nursing home. We went to a room where they did surgery on the residents there and at times this room was set up as a morgue. The supervisor allowed a group of us to look inside. There it was! I saw a leg but without a body attached! The whole group ran out of the room and were nausous except once curious teenager…me! 

I actually went closer to it to see this nasty, blood infested amputated leg. With a ton of curiousity and a bit apprehension I asked the doctor, “what happened? Why was this leg cut off?” 

The doctor said, “they were a diabetic and this clot killed this leg and it became diseased”. I thought to myself, a diet could do this to someone, the foods we eat and how we live could take someones leg off, why would they do that to themselves.   

Not knowing a real reason why due to a lack of full understanding I made it my mission to tell everyone to “live healthy”, stop drinking, stop smoking, no meat and other various tidbits I’ve learned along my journey of being healthy. 

Honestly, I was being annoying because I was trying to help people who didn’t want to be helped. This even included my own family who I thought drank too much alcohol and smoked too many cigerattes.   

Becoming a Doctor

I knew I wanted to be in healthcare but not sure how since I was not for medication or surgery for general health issues.

I felt there had to be a better way. Once at the gym I was training people in I met a chiropractor who wanted me to help him with his practice.

This was a good fit because it was natural. Well after my first adjustment I knew what I wanted to do…become a chiropractor! 

Me and Dr Sid Williams

Unknown to most people but there were hundreds of different ways to adjust the spine. I wanted to know them all!! My next obession came about to breath, drink, eat, sleep learning how I can fix the nervous system through natural care. 

I eventually practiced and became President of the Pierce Results System where weekly I would teach students and even teachers the amazing world of Dr Pierce. 

Teaching Advanced Methods of the Pierce Results System at Life University

My Mission Trips to help people around the world

After Graduation and before I started my practice from scratch. I decided I wanted to give back to those who were in countries less fortunate as the united states. 

I did 2 mission trips to El Salvador and also to Thailand. They were both humbiling and an experience I will never forget. 

Thailand was an amazing trip to understand healing from across the globe

911 and The World Trade Center

I was just out of school and I got a call…”can you help take care of the firemen, police and people doing the cleanup for the world trade center, the hours will be tough and you won’t get paid but they need your help” a fellow doctor asked. Without hesitation, I said “Are you kidding! I am honored to help at the World Trade Center! Where do I go? What time? I’m there!” 

It’s emotional to discuss the scene there but I am so fortunate to be able to do something from those brave workers. They are true heroes! 

Community Help for Kids in Paterson, NJ

Growing up and living in Paterson, NJ was not always an easy place because of the crime and challenges big cities face. Most people remember the movie “Lean on Me”, “Hurricane” as how bad the enviroment could become. Since being from Paterson I wanted to give back to the community. I sponsored and ran “Kids Day America” which has helped thousands of children learn about fire safety, dental health, spinal health and ways to be a healthy community. 

It was a blast! Each year my friends and family would fight for who was going to be the clown!   

Dr Spages with parents at Kids Day America

Working with the Nets Basketball Team

After a few years in practice,  I got a rare but special opportunity to be “The Official Chiropractor of Nets Basketball“. Being a die hard Boston Celtics fan for years I just loved basketball. 

My son’s middle name is even named after Paul Pierce. All my kids lean toward the number 33 for Larry Bird when they play their sports. 

Nenad Krstic was just a little taller!

Because of my involvement with sports I enjoyed meeting famous fitness gurus and bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Haney at the Arnold Sports and Fitness Expo. There was a wealth of knowledge gained on how to treat athletic injuries and help athletes achieve high level performance. 

Meeting Mr. Olympia legend Lee Haney
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dr Spages at the Arnold Sports and Fitness Expo

My practice was very busy and the number of people I was helping grew into the thousands of testimonials. I was working on correcting a spine for so many years I always felt I was missing my first love of nutrition and vitamins. In NJ, at the time, I was not allowed to offer any nutritional or supplement support. I had hundreds of professional hours of training but I could not offer my patients help until the laws were changed. 

Well around the year 2010, after studying for years of functional medicine, I finally was able to make difference beyond the spine and nervous system. My mission was I need real, pure before and after, almost like an x-ray to show that someone was getting better. 

That is what I loved about functional medicine. Its driven by lab and getting amazing lab results. It looks under the surface to uncover WHY someone is having problems with weight, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune and hypothyroidism.

My First Type 2 Diabetic Patient

Since I had a number of Type 2 diabetics who were my chiropractic patients I wanted them an opportunity to run very thorough labs to see what is causing their diabetes. Based my my research and training I knew it wasn’t only diet and it certainly wasn’t genetic. 

A patient named Bobby was the first person I felt was a good fit. Because I cared about Bobby so much I was checking on him all the time to see if my new approach would actually work. 

I was shocked! He was able to get off all his medications and got tremendous results within a few weeks. I had to tell the world!

Bobbee my first diabetes reversal!

Radio and TV Interviews helping Type 2 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism

Since I was already doing many TV and Radio interviews because my success with helping a paralyzed patient regain her health back and my involvement with professional sports. The world needed to hear a different approach to helping someone without medication. 

My opponent…the pharmaceutical industry!  

With the complications that my great grandmother (went blind and amputated) and my grandmother (heart attacks and strokes) had from diabetes it was my mission to help Type II diabetics regain their quality of life back.

Interview with Charles Butler who reversed his diabetes
Dr Spages doing radio interview on 1010 WINS NY
Dr Spages with Cindy Vero and Cubby on 103.5 KTU NY
Dr Spages on Q104 NY with Shellie
Dr Spages on WABC NY
Dr Spages on the famous Z100 NY

My Book Inspiration

Even though I was a doctor, my family has always been my toughest patients. They never viewed me as “their” doctor. I was always their “son”, “brother”, as so on. 

My mom even after years of my pursuit to get her to “be healthy” was diagnosed with cancer and died at the age of 65. 

She, along with the rest of my family, have turned me into the person I am today.  

My Mom was the best!! She was so beautiful!

My First book! Very exciting!

I still get goosebumps telling this story. On the night my mom died me and my wife found out she was pregnant. Somehow my mom knew too!! Mothers intuition! 

While my wife was pregnant with our son I had free time on my hands since going out wasn’t much of an option. I decided to write my first book about the Pierce Results System. That was hard work!

Since I never wrote a book before I didn’t think it would be very good. After submitting it to a publisher I was shocked they they look at over 5000 books a year and only accept 125. “The Wellness Approach” was accepted.

Purchase my book here

Dr Spages and Rick Frishman from Morgan James Publishing

My first Hypothyroid Patient

So this wasn’t like Bobby, my first hypothyroid patient was myself. After helping so many type II diabetics, I ran various tests on myself. That was the day I was diagnosed with Hashimoto, the autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid gland. 

Although I was unhappy to be diagnosed, I was happy to finally figure out why I was suffering from weight issues, fatigue, patches on my skin, horrible sleep, digestive issues and foggy brain. 

When I saw my labs I knew something was wrong.

Spreading the Word about Diabetes and Hypothyroidism

Seeing diabetics reverse their disease was keeping me busy but now that I had a passion to help someone with hypothyroidism. 

Live events and lectures helps me reach people who want a better answer and solution than giving medication to every symptom that pops up. 

Dr Spages doing a seminar about reversing diabetes and hypothyroidism

Throughout the years I have also helped patients with neuropathy, weight loss, energy and other conditions related to the metabolism. 

During Covid, I moved my practice of 20 years from New Jersey to Florida. By doing live webinars I can help people with telehealth throughout the country. 

My next adventure is finishing my “Reversing Type II Diabetes” book and helping MTHFR gene mutation symptoms. 

To reach me please email me at support@drjspages.com

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    Dr.Spages is assisting your body with switching diabetes

    Dr. Spages DC is an expert in Functional Medicine and a gifted proficient in biochemical, root physiological, and hormonal uneven characters that are identified with hypothyroidism and type 2 diabetes.

    In the event that you need proficient assistance about your diabetes, Dr. Spages DC can help your recuperate.

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    Dr.Spages is helping your body to reverse diabetes.
    Dr. Spages DC is a specialist in Functional Medicine and a skilled professional in biochemical, root physiological, and hormonal imbalances that are related to hypothyroidism and type 2 diabetes.
    If you need professional help about your diabetes, Dr. Spages DC can definitely help your recover.

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    Dr. Spage’s is able to uncover the hidden causes of why a person could be experiencing the diseases of type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism.

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    Functional Medicine and is uniquely skilled at working with the root physiological, bio-chemical, and hormonal imbalances associated with type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism

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