Why am I a Type II Diabetic?

Why am I a Type II Diabetic?
Dr Spages explains why people could become a diabetic.

Did you ever wonder why you are a diabetic?

What if you discover it is NOT genetic?

What if its NOT your diet!

Dr Spages has to explain and answer the true question of why someone is a diabetic and what to do about it.

There is an effective and proven way to improve diabetes and what diet is essential to seeing the best numbers, losing weight and hopefully eliminating medications such as metformin.

If you find out the cause of diabetes instead of just covering it up with medications is always the safest option.

6 thoughts on “Why am I a Type II Diabetic?

  1. Loyd C. says:

    I’ve learnt more about my Type-2 Diabetes from this than I have in four years from my GP and Diabetic Educators so thanks for making such an informative video Dr. Jonathan Spages!!!!

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