What is Pre Diabetes?

Prediabetes – Symptoms and Causes

Have you ever gone to your doctor and they say to you, hey, I just got your labs back? Maybe you are what is considered a prediabetic and there may be recommendations. Hey, go watch what you eat. Go lose some weight. And with the hopes that you don’t actually become a diabetic, because diabetes is very serious.

It’s a chronic degenerative disease that causes many complications. But what is exactly prediabetes, right? So what’s the thing, right? So in this video, I’m going to be talking about prediabetes. What exactly does it mean, what to do about it, and give you some insight on whether or not it makes sense to actually take this real serious or don’t worry about it.

All right, so here we go. Showtime.

So the first thing we look at is prediabetes, right? What exactly does that mean? Is it something that we should be concerned over? So there was a famous comedian back in the day, his name was George Carlin. And George Carlin was talking about there’s no such thing as pre.

He would go on. It’s really funny, actually. He talks about what is pre boarding a plane. What is preheating? An oven.

It’s either heated or it’s not heated, right? It’s like boarding a plane. Either you’re boarded the plane or you’re not. Right? There’s no pre boarding.

It’s pretty funny. And that’s kind of how diabetes is as well, right? There’s really no such thing as prediabetes. So let’s get into this because this sounds controversial. Here we go.

So the first thing we look at is normal sugar, right? Now there is a normal sugar based on archument physiology. All right, let’s talk about what that is. So the first thing we look at is we look at glucose, right? So glucose should be between 85 and 99.

That is where healthy blood sugar is most of the time. I tell people that, hey, listen, you know, your blood sugar should be almost the temperature of, like, a hot tub or a shower, right? Like you don’t want a hot tub to get too hot or you’d burn your skin off and same thing, right? Like you want to be kind of comfortable, and that’s really ideally where you should be. That’s kind of the way I think of it, right?

Like what’s the temperature? That’s really a good temperature. So 85 to 99 is where that should be. A one C should be under 5.7. So a one C is kind of like not a day to day number, but it’s an average over a number of weeks.

So this is really important to understand because you want to know what actually normal is, right? So the next thing we look at is what is prediabetes, basically? Well, type two diabetes is glucose over 126 and a one C over 6.5. So play along. If your glucose is higher than 126 and your A one C is over 6.5, they now label that as a type two diabetic.

This is where you get the label. This is where if you go to your doctor, most of the time, they’ll give you some sort of a diabetic medication. Metformin glyphosate. Glybury genuvia genuine. When I first started helping type two diabetics, I don’t know, 20 years ago, there’s probably about ten medications.

Now there’s like 50, right? Like, they’ve added more and more medication. There’s a big industry. Anyway, we go to type two diabetes, we’re looking at anything higher than 126 and a one C over 6.5. So the question is, is a pre diabetic healthy or are they just not really, really, really sick?

And that’s, I guess, the viewpoint we look at. So as a type two diabetic, you have a known disease that’s really sick, whereas a pre diabetic, you’re trending there. Now, the way I like to look at it, and I’ll refer back to this in a moment, is it’s kind of like a car tire. So a car tire should have the right amount of pressure in the car tire. No one wants a partially deflated tire, and certainly you don’t want a flat tire.

So when we look at it, it’s kind of like, well, if you want your body to be healthy, well, we need all the tires to be fully inflated and functioning and doing well, whereas a prediabetic is kind of like, hey, you’re not fully sick, right? You’re not fully inflated, but you’re not flat either. And I don’t think that’s a good place to be. I think optimally where your body is functioning correctly is where you should be. So the viewpoint we look at is, are you healthy or not really sick?

And the point is that you’re certainly not healthy. And yeah, you’re not really sick. You may be trending that direction as a prediabetic. And it’s almost like and I’ve heard patients say this like they were prediabetic, they were prediabetic. And the doctors just kind of looking at their watch like, well, give it some time, you’re going to be a diabetic.

And that’s because obviously in our health care industry, no one’s addressing the root imbalances, no one’s fixing why the blood sugar levels are an issue or the metabolism is broken and so forth. Right? That’s obviously what I’ve been doing with functional medicine for 20 years, is you got to find the root imbalances, right? You got to get the organs working. And when you do that, that’s how the person gets better.

So anyway, we look at healthy or not really sick. So is this healthy, is the question. Right? Glucose, if it’s between 100 to 126, this would be that free range. Is it healthy?

No. If your a one C is from 5.7 to 6.5, is it healthy? No. Right. This is kind of like you’re not really sick.

It’s kind of like that deflated zone. You’re not really sick, but you’re also not healthy. So once again, the goal is to get you healthy blood sugar between 85 and 99 fasting. Right. That’s in the morning.

And then a one C under 5.7, that is where you should be. Okay, so so once again, when we look at this, are you healthy or just not really sick? Right. You’re either healthy or not. So when you come to being a pre diabetic, you’re trending.

It’s kind of almost a warning sign. It’s almost like a car tire. Again, if it starts deflating, well, I guess you can wait until it’s fully flat, which would not be a good idea to an accident. Or even worse, your car gets destroyed or your rim gets destroyed. And I don’t think that’s the right way of doing it.

I rather like patients in my office. We go after being healthy, getting the body functionally optimally so their body could heal and do well and so forth. So is there such thing as prediabetes? Not really. It’s either you are really healthy or your body is out of balance, and it is not.

All right, so I hope you got a lot of information on this. If you have any questions, please comment and or send us a message about it. All right? Thank you and have a good day. And remember, be healthy, don’t be pre anything.

And if you have a chance to definitely watch that George Carlin skit, it’s pretty funny. Take care. Bye.

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