What Drink To Avoid as a Type 2 Diabetic

In this video, Dr. Spages discusses the one drink a Type 2 Diabetic should stay away from. In practice, Dr. Spages sees all the effort his patients go through to reverse their Type 2 Diabetes. They try to exercise, eat a healthy balanced diet, and lose weight. His patients that have tried these things were still struggling.

Sometimes the changes you make to your diet in order to improve your health can actually make you worse. There are different diets out there that are touted for being healthy such as The Keto Diet, The Paleo Diet, The Atkins Diet, and many more. The marketing of these diets are very convincing. Some will have success on them but others will struggle.

The worst diet Dr. Spages has ever seen for reversing Type 2 Diabetes is The Smoothie Diet. This may come as a shock to you. Smoothies have fruits and vegetables which are of course extremely healthy for you. Why would this diet be so bad? The body is not meant to drink fruits and vegetables. The fiber in fruits and vegetables are there for a specific purpose.

Dr. Spages explains the importance of chewing food. When we chew our food we produce saliva that breaks down the food and stimulates the digestive system. When we drink smoothies, the sugar in the smoothies go straight to the blood stream as opposed to solid food that takes time to break down.

Instead, if you’re looking for something to sip on, Dr. Spages suggest herbal teas. He explains that not all patients do well on green tea and to be careful with it.

Dr. Spages argues that there is no one size fits all approach to reversing Diabetes. What works for one person may not work or another. This is why testing is so important. With proper testing, Dr. Spages is able to figure out what foods are good for the patient’s body and which foods are not.

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