What do Healthy Diabetics Drink?

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What do healthy diabetics drink?

So there are so many different options you have to drink as a diabetic and the question is which is the best and which should you stay away from.

How does drinking a beverage affect a diabetic?

So a common question is how does drinking a beverage affect a diabetic. Does it affect your blood sugar? Could it affect their blood pressure? And couldn’t also affect the medication they’re taking.

Are Sugary drinks ok like soda?

So I think it’s pretty common knowledge that a diabetic should stay away from drinks with a lot of sugar. This will include things like Gatorade soda beverages and also most importantly alcohol.

Why should a diabetic stay away from alcohol?

We already know the damaging effects of alcohol and what I found with all the patients that I’ve worked with is that alcohol really hurts the liver. You could see it in simple lab tests such as AST and ALT.

There are a few other inflammatory test you can look at but those are the basic ones that really uncover how liver enzymes are working. This test is found in a basic metabolic panel. It’s the one that your doctor usually runs.

Is it true that the liver cannot be healthy in a diabetic?

Well in my experience and seeing hundreds of patients I’ve never seen a healthy liver in a diabetic.

The reason why I say this is that unfortunately they don’t typically run the tests necessary to see the full scope of the liver and if there’s actually damage.

So how does this affect what a diabetic drinks?

So my big recommendation is diabetics while they’re trying to improve their diabetes should stay away from alcohol and sugary beverages.

Watch the video below about more options related to what you should and shouldn’t be drinking.

This information could help you really understand the diet you’ll need to see improvements in your weight and blood sugar.





So diabetics don’t have to struggle with knowing what to drink as long as they follow the guys above and the video that I just put together. I wish you nothing but the best and beating and reversing your diabetes.

Stay motivated and stay consistent.

Be Well. Stay well.

Dr Jonathan Spages

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