What is functional medicine

WHAT IS FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE? Due to many factors such as the nature of work that we have and the types of food we eat, our body condition deteriorates over period of time. We got subjected to medical conditions that when not properly addressed at early signs could result to fatal endpoint of our lives. To date, […]

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Weight loss for diabetics

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise. Sounds amazing!! Its is. Follow these steps to get help losing weight. Adhering to an ordinary eating routine and exercise design can be troublesome. Notwithstanding, there are a few demonstrated tips that can help you “carelessly” eat less calories. These are viable approaches that will teach you how […]

Smoky Chicken Thighs

Nutritional info: Calories 195, Fat 12 g, Protein 19 g, Carbohydrates 0 g Servings: 4

Could Food Logs help you Lose Weight?

Could Food Logs help you Lose Weight? Can food logs actually help you lose weight or are they just a big waste of time? So I hear this often from many patients about whether or not they should do a food log. Let me go over the key things to understand about food logs and […]

The 30 Best Low Carb Foods to Eat

The 30 Best Low Carb Foods to Eat The best low carb foods You have weeks watching your waist and you know you should reduce it. Your weight has been increasing and one of the ways to lower some sizes is by consuming low carbohydrate foods. You do not decide. Because you think that all […]