The Healthy Ways of Living by Dr. Jonathan Spages

Healthy Living

Eat now. Don’t mind. Have your diet later.

Healthy Ways of Living saying says it all. People love foods without enough consideration on what to eat. Have you ever ask yourself before you buy something to eat on what will be the effect of those on your body?

Maybe sometimes but you cannot deny the fact that most of the time you wouldn’t mind the results.

You love sweets. You love sour. You love spicy. You love eating too much.

Sometimes, we are preoccupied with our problems that caused too much stress and problems that can affect our system the way we think and the way we manage things.

Have a break and take time to relax.

Ask yourself if you are still living in a healthy way. If you realized that you are no longer part of a healthy lifestyle then it’s about for you to change and do something to make things right before it’s too late.

Here are simple guidelines for eating healthier and living better than ever;

  1. Avoid or lessen processed foods and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

No to food chemicals! Nowadays, people love instant foods. Since we are part of the busy world, we always want to have our meal easily. Since processed foods are now an integral part of our every meal, we cannot deny the fact that it is the primary reason for why people becoming so sick.

We cannot get enough nutrients from instant foods or processed foods.

Always aim to start your day with enough nutrients that we can gain from fruits and vegetables.

These foods can supply the needed vitamins and minerals to our body to build up a strong foundation of our body system.

  1. Avoid alcoholic beverages/soda and drink plenty of water

When you allow yourself to be intoxicated in alcohol, then there is a Water is essential inside our body.

Our body is very much in need because it gives us enough nutrients that help the body to perform well.

  1. Don’t eat too much

Everything which is too much can be brought harmful effects. Eating too much can result in unnecessary effects on our body. It can give a hard time in our intestines if we eat too much.

Also, as we continue to eat more than our stomach can hold then there is a great possibility of being obese.

  1. Engage in daily exercise

Our body needs enough exercise before engaging in heavy work for the day. Why there’s a need for exercise?

It prepares our body for each day task making our system bodily ready.

  1. Open Communication

Never hide your feelings. Try to share what you feel to the person where you find comfort. Don’t let problems bother your mind and heart. When you are mentally weak, it can surely affect the rest of your system. It is a must that our body is mentally, physically and emotionally stable.


Keeping yourself healthy does not mean that you need to pay too much. What we need to do is to be mindful of our lifestyle and live according to what is necessary to achieve healthy living away from any threat of diseases.

By Dr. Jonathan Spages

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