Could Food Logs help you Lose Weight?

Could Food Logs help you Lose Weight?

Can food logs actually help you lose weight or are they just a big waste of time? So I hear this often from many patients about whether or not they should do a food log. Let me go over the key things to understand about food logs and if they can actually help you lose weight.

What is a food log?

A food log is basically a written or typed out journal of the food you’ve eaten throughout the day.  what’s important to realize is that by doing the food log you’re able to have a better analysis of any possible problems you have in your diet.

When I did my own food log when I found out wasn’t that I was overheating it was actually that I was under eating.

And the question is why is that a big deal?

The problem with not knowing what you eat

The biggest problem with with not knowing what is enough calories is that my body was actually holding more fat. So I was struggling with getting leaner just because I didn’t realize I wasn’t eating enough calories.

Can a food log benefit you? 

So how could a food log benefit you is a good question because it’s kind of a pain in the butt to do but by doing it could really solve some of your weight loss issues.

My suggestions for doing a food log

So here are my suggestions for doing a food log.

First do whatever is going to be the easiest. I tell some patients I don’t care if they do it on a napkin but as long as they are consistent and also will do it on a regular basis I’m totally fine with it.

Some patients rather download an app and there are plenty of them. Some of them have a subscription with you have to pay for and others are free. I’m not a big fan of these apps just because they seem like it takes longer to enter the information then just writing it down.

Here are some good food log apps:

My Fitness Pal

Daily Bit Journal


The benefit of doing apps for your food log

The real benefit of using an app for a food log is that it gives you other information such as your total calories and carbohydrates as well as your protein. It also could provide graphs and charts to see your real progress over time. These aren’t things that typically are available by just writing it on a piece of paper.

The point is it doesn’t really matter which option you choose to use a written down food log or a app for a food log just as long as you actually do it and most importantly you’re honest.

Included here is a free food log that I give to patients. Download it so you have a written version that’s very easy to complete.

Download a Free Food Log Here


 So this is my take on food logs and how they’re important to lose weight. Keep it simple and be consistent. Honesty could help too and it goes a long way 🙂

Be Well. Stay Well.

Dr. Jonathan Spages

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