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How to lose Weight Fast and Easy the Natural Way with Dr. Spages

Palatable foods around the place you are in. Your friends have been enjoying a lot while you simply stare at them – not having at least a small bite of what they have been eating. You remain to be on this state for quite some time. You were worried all long years about your weight […]

Avoiding Diabetes Complications brought by Obesity with Sugar Diabetes Diet

There had been variety of factors associated with the accumulation and development of diabetes in a person. While it had been associated with the type of food a person normally consumes, it can also be linked to the weight of a patient. Obesity or overweight is also found to be one of the causes of […]

Could Food Logs help you Lose Weight?

Could Food Logs help you Lose Weight? Can food logs actually help you lose weight or are they just a big waste of time? So I hear this often from many patients about whether or not they should do a food log. Let me go over the key things to understand about food logs and […]

Healthy Ways of Living – Dr. Jonathan Spages

Healthy Living

Healthy Ways of Living Eat now. Don’t mind. Have your diet later.   Healthy Ways of Living saying says it all. People love foods without enough consideration on what to eat. Have you ever ask yourself before you buy something to eat on what will be the effect of those on your body? Maybe sometimes […]

Learn How to Beat Diabetes with Natural Diabetes Solutions

Learn How to Beat Diabetes with Natural Diabetes Solutions Blame it, probably, to the existing types of foods being advertised widely today; diabetes has become the most widespread illness so here are some natural diabetes solutions that could help. It’s not just because of the wrong diet since this illness can be spurred by an […]

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