Learn 3 ways natural doctors can help patients with prediabetes

Medical physicians are doing their best to help diabetic patients stay safe from Corona Virus COVID-19 while waiting for their vaccination, however some type II diabetics require closer attention from doctors.

This is the case for patients with prediabetes. When these patients are left untreated, prediabetes can progress into the more severe form of type II diabetes, which could increase a person’s risk of COVID-19 issues.

As physicians answer unknown questions about COVID-19, it is important to run the correct blood tests for prediabetes and help patients determine the best treatment option, including changing lifestyle or going to medication route.

The best way to long term lifestyle change

Give Type II diabetics the best advice they need to achieve long-term health goals.

Discover Dr Spages’ resources to help diabetic patients learn and develop their own healthy habits.

Browse the Resources Dr. Spages Diabetes Reversal Program helps get to the root cause of diabetes on a functional health level.

Since Dr. Spages practices functional medicine it is evidence-based and proven to get results for diabetics.

He provides prevention and lifestyle strategies to finally see lower blood sugars, improvement in weight and metabolism, and even energy improvements. His comprehensive and customized approach helps give you a “roadmap” to getting clinical results.

If you are a prediabetic you want to manage the risk of developing type II diabetes, including referring to your doctor to make sure your medication is being taken at the right doses until you are getting better with Dr Spages Diabetes Reversal Program.

Recently, Jonathan Spages, DC, a functional medicine physician and author of “The Wellness Approach: The secrets to health your doctor is afraid to tell you”, spoke about how prediabetes really is the first sign that a person has blood sugar problems.

How to Prevent Type II Diabetes

Honestly, Dr. Spages thought diabetes was genetic. After being taught this in graduate school and seeing his grandmother suffer with diabetes and heart attacks, his whole understanding of the root cause of diabetes changed forever.

“After working with thousands of type II diabetics over the years, I found one common habit.

They weren’t hungry and left the house without the proper nutrition.

They would grab a quick carb and run out the door. After a few hours, their blood sugar dropped, then, because of starvation, they ate the wrong foods.

This sudden insulin spike is the cause for many Type II diabetics breaking their metabolism and gaining weight” said Dr. Spages.

“By finding the root cause of their prediabetes, I hear amazing testimonials of people—even during the pandemic, even in the stressful times—seeing them become more active and getting healthier is remarkable.” he said.

“I have something to offer patients with prediabetes or type II diabetes that can help them reverse their failing health in many cases and avoid progressing into type II diabetes.

Dr. Spages started first as a skeptic, that “I thought school was going to give me all the info to help diabetics heal naturally but instead I had to learn outside of school how to reverse diabetes once and for all,” he said.

Read about how to successfully reverse diabetes.

Bring your friends and family along “If you think its as easy as just changing your diet and eating more celery you have been fooled?” said Dr. Spages. That’s where family and friend support comes in handy.

It doesn’t matter if you read diabetes books, saw your general practitioner, diabetic educator, nutritionist, pharmacist or medical assistant, “They have to look for the root causes of your blood sugar problems and how to avoid type 2 diabetes,” he said.

“My goal is to find the root cause of their prediabetes or diabetes and create a plan to help them fix what is broken through natural and healthy ways. This “Wellness Approach” provides Type II diabetics amazing results and improvements.

It’s where my patients are finally losing weight, gaining energy, and avoiding progression to type 2 diabetes.”

It is important for patients “to listen to sound advice because if they don’t listen, the devastating effects of what diabetes can do could cost them their quality of life and even early death,” said Dr. Spages.

“By knowing what is cause their prediabetes and type II diabetes and the amount of inflammation is important but rarely check with conventional lab work.”

For example, one of my patients told me that their physician recommended she “take more insulin if she eats bad and gets off her healthy diet.” Dr. Spages said.

What makes more sense is “for physicians to not allow their diabetic patients to feel comfortable with neglecting their health by saying “cheat all you want and just take more insulin” but instead working to help their patients lessen medication and live a healthy life.”

9 thoughts on “Learn 3 ways natural doctors can help patients with prediabetes

  1. Pamela says:

    2 stars
    Dr. Spages type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program helps get to the root cause of diabetes on a functional health level.

  2. Laverr Paterson says:

    My fasting blood glucose is 97 so I’m right on the edge. I’m 50 years old, overweight and everyone on my moms side of the family is diabetic. I’m feeling very motivated to try to avoid this outcome. And Thankyou so much Dr. Jonathan Spages I just got a call today and the info that you’ve shared is very beneficial.

  3. Zane says:

    5 stars
    The very needed information every Diabetic must hear!
    “They have to look for the root causes of your blood sugar problems and how to avoid type 2 diabetes,” Thanks, Dr. Spages for sharing this “wellness Approach” that would help us fix what is broken through natural and healthy ways! 🙂 This is such a big help for prevention purposes 🙂

  4. Briddett Cullen says:

    Dr. Spages you are King on the planet! I already said it. You spend much of your precious time saving our lives. may our Great Lord keep protecting you! You’re straightforward. You don’t sugar coat anything. That’s what I like.

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